What Are Some Of The Most Common Types Of Exhaust Systems? – Characteristics And Features

In order to remove the gases coming from the engine and function properly, your vehicle needs to be equipped with an appropriate exhaust system. Simply put, this system is basically a long tube that goes from the engine all the way to the back of the vehicle. Aside from the key components, it also consists of a catalytic converter, which serves the purpose of cleaning the gases and other crucial components. In general, there are 5 main types of exhaust systems commonly used these days. While some of them are suited for conventional vehicles, others are primarily designed for high-performance vehicles, such as sports cars.

Single exit systems


These systems are the most common types found in modern vehicles. As their name implies, single exit exhaust systems use a single exhaust pipe. Due to their ease of installation and low prices, you can find these systems very easily and pretty much anywhere. However, they are also not among the most efficient exhaust systems out there. Additionally, the systems’ pipes usually have their exit on the passenger side of the vehicles, which is something many car owners dislike.

Dual rear systems

These systems are predominately used for performance and sports models. Also, they are quite popular with those who want to add a certain athletic feel to their cars. As opposed to the single exit systems, dual rear ones give a much deeper note, which makes a car sound like it has a very powerful engine. Dual rear systems commonly consist of two exhaust pipes, which are located under the bumper, on the opposite sides of the car. It is also worth noting that dual rear exhaust systems are much more efficient at removing the gas than the single exit systems. As a result, they are more expensive and more difficult to install.

Dual side systems

Just like their name implies, dual side systems are comprised of two exhaust pipes, which are paired next to each other on one side of the car. Given that this system uses two pipes to expel the gases, it is as efficient as the dual rear system. In most cases, dual side systems feature smaller pipes, which create a somewhat deeper sound. In addition to providing a vehicle with a sporty look and sound, a dual side system can also provide a small performance boost as well.

Opposite dual systems

An opposite dual system is quite similar to a dual rear system, but with one key difference. While a dual rear system bends, an opposite dual system does not. Instead, its pipes are wrapped around the wheel and use that bend to enhance the filtering process. These systems are most often seen on vehicles that are designed for towing heavy loads. Various kind of hauling trailers use them because they don’t leave any residue on the towed load. Given that they are quite similar to the dual rear systems, opposite dual systems are usually as efficient as they are.

High-performance systems


These systems are mainly produced by specialized companies, such as Flowmaster performance. They are more efficient than all the other systems, but they are also considerably more expensive as well. High-performance systems are usually labeled as aftermarket products, meaning that they are not commonly found on standard vehicle models. Aside from being more efficient at removing and filtering gases, these systems can also substantially alter the sound and the look of a vehicle, as well as boost its performance.